Special Events at the Victory Grill during EAST

Historical Markers Dedication to the Victory Grill

Congratulations to the Victory Grill for its historical marker designations.  Please join us on Saturday, Nov 12 at noon as we celebrate this important milestone.


CVA EAST Artist Interviews and Reception

Saturday, Nov 19 from 2-6pm at the Historic Victory Grill

Meet the artists and hear what inspires them!

Live music by SaulPaul

Art gallery open Nov 12&13 and Nov 19&20 from 11am to 6pm

 Meet the Capitol View Arts EAST Artists


Jared Craig
Born and raised in Austin, Jared Craig, is not a man of many words but chooses to share his life stories through art. From self-taught roots, he has no boundaries or barriers when it comes to his art. He enjoys using dark colors to emote tension. Pencil and charcoal are his tools of choice; He ultimately desires to inspire the younger generation to create and use their art for self-expression. jaredcraig1009@gmail.com – edenspromisegallery.wordpress.com


Claudio Lopez
Claudio’s creations are made of silver and copper and 98% of them are crafted by hand. He uses three methods which include recycled silver jewelry, free-form jewelry and traditional jewelry. He conscientiously uses recycled silver to avoid contaminating the environment. Claudio likes to work with recycled silver because it allows him to create interesting forms and textures and gives him the freedom to manipulate and create custom jewelry. info@athenasilversmith.com – www.athenasilversmith.com


Bianca Neal
Visual artist, muralist and award winning filmmaker, Bianca Neal, enjoys infusing rich colors and radical textures in her art. She creates art in public places. As a teaching artist she has taught youth and adults through her organization, H.O.P.E.F.U.L. Art (Helping Other People Experience Fulfilling Unlimited Lives through Art). She has illustrated over 10 children’s books and will feature work from her collaboration with musician, SaulPaul. biancaneal@hotmail.com – hopefulart.org


Grant Neal
Grant Neal, better known as Jibril in the art world, has been living life with a pencil and pad since they became his best friends as a child. When he was younger, he only created black and white art. Nowadays, he typically finds himself venturing off into colors, mainly acrylics and venturing off into different mediums. jibril19892008@gmail.com


Ryan Runcie
As a studio artist, muralist and painting instructor local to Austin, Ryan finds himself traveling constantly for the creation and engagement of art. He finds that no matter what topics he ventures in, his foundation is always a posture of seeking to understand. It is his hope that he may play a role, no matter how humble, in beginning a cultural shift in how we view ourselves and each other. ryan.runcie@gmail.com – ryanruncie.com


Jerry Solomon
Jerry has always had an interest in experimenting, the same can be said about his artistic approach. His work begins by throwing symmetrical forms on the potter’s wheel. Chris Gustin and James Makins have influenced his approach to form, employing asymmetry and pressure from the inside to communicate life. The still-life paintings of Giorgio Morandi inspire his selection of limited muted palettes of many of his art pieces. solomonjr.wayne2@yahoo.com

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