Capitol View Arts Mission

Capitol View Arts empowers artists of color to transform communities by providing resources and opportunities that reduce barriers and encourage collaboration, diversity, and cultural awareness. Capitol View Arts is committed to

• Building a positive environment in which artists can work that encourages collaboration, diversity, and cultural awareness.

• Offering support for art entrepreneurs in their economic and creative pursuits.

• Promoting community participation in the arts.

Professional Networking

Who you know is often times just as important as what you know. We work with our participants to make sure they get to know the right people

Career Development

A lot of people know music as an art and way of self expression. Lets work with you to convert that into a career

Industry Education

The music industry is constantly changing. They only way to keep up with these changes is to keep educating our participants on new relevant information

Music Festivals & Conferences

We help organize and participate in multiple conferences and festivals across the country. Get an inside look on what it takes to make it happen

 Our Featured SXSW Artist

  • Whiteside
  • Anastasia
  • BillieB
  • KannKasso
  • Casey Janissa
  • G-Jet
  • 90one
  • Mic Taylor
  • AJ

Capitol View Arts: About Our Name

If you open the side door of Austin’s Historic Victory Grill, you’ll see a perfect, beautiful view of the Texas Capitol.

We have often wondered how many performers and patrons of the Victory Grill throughout the years have gazed at this spectacular site and had thoughts of equality, freedom, and change.

We thought the representation of this Capitol view was befitting to an organization whose mission is not only to improve the lives of artists and residents on the east side, but also to offer the Austin community a chance to preserve past history and experience new and exciting transformations as our city continues to grow.


Public Events
Development Opportunities
Musical Acts

What We Are Made Of



We are here to service the community that has supported our organization over the many years.



Our goal is to continue to reach as many artists and anyone interested in working and growing with us



With the music industry changing as fast as technology we strive to be in the front line of that innovation



We hold the highest standards or integrity in our organization and from the artists we support

Drop a Line

As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest - Nelson Mandela

We find it as our public service to provide a our community with the resources it needs to succeed in all aspects of live. We focus on advancing the music culture in Austin but work with a host of organization to bring, basic living necessities and educational resources to young ones and adults alike


Highly Qualified Team

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We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Weather your an artist, organization or have general question we’d love to hear from you. Fell free to reach out to us via these medians or to write to us via the form above.


1104 E 11th St
Austin, TX 78702


(512) 221-4736

Business Hours

Mon – Fri …… 9 am – 5 pm
Sat, Sun …… Closed

Highly Qualified Team

victory grill

Victory Grill

Historic Austin Landmark

Victory Grill is a historic music venue located at 1104 E. 11th St, Austin, Texas. The nightclub was on the Chitlin’ Circuit and hosted famous African American acts

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Doing Good For Our Community

We appreciate every charitable contribution that we receive throughout the year.Your contributions may be eligible for tax deduction.