Other Ways to Help and Volunteer

Gift Wishlist for the Victory Grill

In addition to donations, you can also help Capitol View Arts with time, material, and services.

  • Window Air Conditioning units
  • HVAC unit and installation
  • Materials and remodeling services for the bathrooms
  • Landscaping design, materials, and labor
  • Fencing
  • Public Address System (PA)

Working Committees

To get involved in a working committe, send email to info@CapitolViewArts.org

Development Committee

Assistance with:

  • Events, Business Sponsorships, Proposal Writing, Marketing, In-kind Donation Solicitations, Community Collaborations, Earned Income Opportunities at the Victory Grill

Programs Committee

Assistance with:

  • Programs designed to enhance business opportunities for musicians through educational, networking, and mentoring opportunities.
  • Initiatives organized to preserve the history and revitalize performance opportunities at the Victory Grill.