Mission and Purpose

With a particular focus on the African American and minority cultural heritage in east Austin, Capitol View Arts supports the arts community through arts education and performance opportunities.


Capitol View Arts is committed to:
• Building a positive environment in which artists can work that encourages collaboration, diversity, and cultural awareness.
• Offering support for art entrepreneurs in their economic and creative pursuits.
• Promoting community participation in the arts.



Co-founders Clifford Gillard and Alissa McCain have a history of service to east Austin and urban artists.  In 2010 and 2011, they collaborated through their involvement with respective organizations, Another Option Productions and Austin Music Foundation.  Programs developed by Clifford and Alissa offered specialized community educational and networking events catering to urban artists, within the east Austin community, and were held at the Victory Grill during the month of February, Black History Month in 2010 and 2011.  Programs were well attended with the first educational event in 2010 attracting over 100 participants to learn about marketing and promotion for urban artists.  In February 2011, seminars on radio airplay, monetizing your career, and tips for protecting your art served even more individuals than in February 2010.

This evidence of a need to serve the east Austin and minority communities led to the expansion of Another Option Productions into its own charitable organization, operating year round, renamed Capitol View Arts in May 2011.  The programs of Capitol View Arts expand on the previous success of the above collaboration while adding initiatives to provide performance opportunities on Austin’s east side, to preserve the historical impact of the Victory Grill and African American culture in the surrounding community, to offer the public a chance to participate in and celebrate east Austin’s artistic contributions, and to offer touring and marketing support to artists.

In March of 2012, after operating 10 months as a fund of the Austin Community Foundation, Capitol View Arts received its 501c3 charitable organization designation.