Chris Tobar

Chris Tobar Rodriguez is an artist and creative director based in Austin, TX. Born in Chicago and refined in Orlando, he took some time to travel and delve into various ways to infuse his skills in photography, illustration, typography, and vibrant colors into his creations. This fusion gave rise to a symbolic language that mirrors personal and, at times, solitary experiences. Drawing inspiration from ideas about how the mind interacts with the soul, splashes of color beckon the viewer away from the shadows, introducing a subtle yet persistent contrast. Rodriguez is a brother, a leader, a partner, a teacher, and a learner. His artistic journey has led to collaborations on projects such as Black Art WKND and Latino Art WKND with OFCOLOR in Austin, and notable brands like Toyota and Hilton Hotel. Now, he is charting a new course in the creative realm, offering his artistry for homes but with a unique perspective.