Clifford has been a long-standing community activist on Austin’s east side. He routinely

conducts focus groups, hosts various community meetings, and represents businesses

and residents regarding living and working conditions east of IH35. For the past ten

years, he has produced a series of successful year-round events on the east side for

residents and visitors. During February, Black History Month, to highlight the

contribution of urban music to Austin’s culture, Clifford started a series entitled From

Gospel to Hip Hop, which includes performance and learning opportunities geared

toward urban music. He also produced Growing The Tradition, an event that honors

individuals who have contributed to the sustainability and development of the urban

cultural scene in Austin. Programming from both of these early efforts has become an

integral part of Capitol View Art’s yearly offerings. Clifford moved to Texas in 1996 from

Trinidad and held a B.A. in Marketing from the University of Texas. He has worked at

the Historic Victory Grill since 2005, and his company, Another Option Productions, is

the previous leaseholder of the establishment. Clifford is a member of the City of Austin

African American Resource Advisory Commission and Ambassador with the George

Washington Carver Museum Culture & Genealogy Center. He is on the Board of

Directors for the Development Council at the Austin Can Academy and an advisor to the

Austin Justice Collation.

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RaShod Hardnick is an Austin native dedicated to empowering underserved populations. After

graduating from LBJ High School, RaShod attended Texas State University, where he earned a

BBA in Management. RaShod has spent over ten years as a social worker with the Texas

Department of Family & Protective Services, where he interprets and enforces policies regarding

abuse and neglect of at-risk individuals. RaShod is also the founder and owner of Locs & Curls,

LLC. He has experience in operations, sales management, and business development. RaShod

has worked with and supported numerous community-based organizations over the

years. RaShod served as an advisor for a collegiate student organization for five years and was

responsible for training members in organizational development. He's a member of Alpha Phi

Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the Texas State University Alumni Association. RaShod enjoys

sports, reading, and gardening in his spare time.

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Christina Muhammad is one of the coordinators for 10,000 Fearless FirstResponders.

In 2005 when hurricane Katrina took place. It was a sad situation. I watch several

people get sick and die. I wondered what could have happened differently to get a better

outcome. I realized people were waiting for help, and this was something that doesn’t

have to be. If we the people would train and learn and take accountability, we could save

ourselves as a community. I saw this and said no more, and I wanted to be proactive in

my community. As of today, I am now a CERT (Community Emergency Response)

Instructor, a CPR instructor. I conduct search and rescue training, and I have my Ham

Radio license. Today my husband and I have started an Emergency Disaster Relief team,

which travels throughout the nation when disasters happen. Some of the places that we

have done disaster work in are Louisiana, California, the Bahamas, Houston, and lots

more. We have started teams in many locations such as San Antonio, Fort Worth,

Dallas, Louisiana, California, Chicago, Detroit, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, and more.

Locally in Austin, Texas, we have built an excellent relationship with the authorities.

Our team gets called to do smaller issues in our community. Our team also has two

apartment complexes that we have adopted, the Walnut Creek and Bratton's edge

where we provide holiday events, school supplies, and other needed services.

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Dr. Landon Shultz graduated as Valedictorian from Washington-Lee High School in

Arlington, VA, in 1965. In 1969, he received a BA in Psychology from Texas Christian

University. He then attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he received both

an MA in Psycholinguistics (1971) and a PhD in Special Education Administration

(1988). He has also earned both a Master of Divinity (1994) and a Doctor of Ministry

(2018) from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He and his wife Kristin, married

since 1976, have 4 children. In 1983, they helped to found Bluebonnet Hills Christian

Church in Austin, Texas, where he presently serves as Minister.

Dr. Shultz was active in youth sports for over 20 years, coaching young men and

women in baseball, basketball, and soccer. During this time, he served on the boards of

Western Hills Little League and of Westlake Youth Soccer Association (as President).

As part of his involvement in East Austin, he served as Chairman of the Neighborhood

Restoration Committee for the Austin Police Department, and on the board of the

Ujamaa Community Foundation of Austin (which sponsored an annual Black Heritage

Festival). He presently serves on the board of Youth Unlimited and of Capitol View Arts.

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Ryan is a studio artist, muralist, and painting instructor local to Austin, Texas, but finds

myself continually traveling for the creation and engagement of art. I find that no matter

what topics I venture to in my work, my foundation is always a posture of seeking to

understand. I may play a role, no matter how humble, in beginning a cultural shift in

how we view ourselves and each other. My work is where I feel the freest to be

vulnerable and engage my own biases and insecurities, and in doing so, I enable others

to get a little vulnerable too.

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