Sis Christina Muhammad

Christina Muhammad is one of the coordinators for 10,000 Fearless FirstResponders. In 2005 when hurricane Katrina took place. It was a sad situation. I watch several people get sick and die. I wondered what could have happened differently to get a better outcome. I realized people were waiting for help, and this was something that doesn’t have to be. If we the people would train and learn and take accountability, we could save ourselves as a community. I saw this and said no more, and I wanted to be proactive in my community. As of today, I am now a CERT (Community Emergency Response) Instructor, a CPR instructor. I conduct search and rescue training, and I have my Ham Radio license. Today my husband and I have started an Emergency Disaster Relief team, which travels throughout the nation when disasters happen. Some of the places that we have done disaster work in are Louisiana, California, the Bahamas, Houston, and lots more. We have started teams in many locations such as San Antonio, Fort Worth, Dallas, Louisiana, California, Chicago, Detroit, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, and more. Locally in Austin, Texas, we have built an excellent relationship with the authorities. Our team gets called to do smaller issues in our community. Our team also has two apartment complexes that we have adopted, the Walnut Creek and Brattons edge where we provide holiday events, school supplies, and other needed services.