Nourishing The Soul: Juneteenth Celebration

Nourishing The Soul Dinner & Music: Juneteenth Celebration

Nourishing The Soul Dinner & Music: Juneteenth Celebration

This Juneteenth, join in a celebration of freedom and cultural heritage at The Historic Victory Grill. Come and experience ‘Nourishing The Soul,’ a special event where music, history, and community unite. Celebrate and support the revival of this iconic venue that has hosted musical legends like B.B. King, James Brown, and Ike & Tina Turner, right here in Austin, TX.

A Special Night Of Programming For You:

  • Bridging The Gap With The Next Wave Of Cultural Artists: Continuing the legacy of the musical icons previously mentioned, internationally renowned soul artist Quentin Moore, along with Scott Strickland and his electrifying blend of rock, soul, and blues, will grace the stage. Both artists are on a swift rise to stardom, offering attendees a unique opportunity to witness history in the making all over again.
  • Celebrate with Purpose: Enjoy a night of musical excellence while contributing to the restoration of a landmark of Black heritage. Every note played and every word spoken on this night will echo the stories of triumph and resilience that have colored this venue’s past.
  • Exclusive Experience: More than just a music event, this is a rare opportunity to be part of a living history. Connect with the stories of musical legends and the community that surrounds them in an evening filled with meaningful connections and superb music.
  • Joyous Community Gathering: Join a community that cherishes deep cultural roots and the joy of doing good. Savor the local cuisine, engage in vibrant discussions, and celebrate freedom and resilience through dance and song.

Be part of history this Juneteenth at The Historic Victory Grill. Your presence not only supports the ongoing efforts to preserve this musical gem, but also ensures that its legacy continues to inspire and educate future generations.

Come nourish your soul with us—celebrate, support, and be moved.

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We thought the representation of this Capitol view was befitting to an organization whose mission is not only to improve the lives of artists and residents on the east side, but also to offer the Austin community a chance to preserve past history and experience new and exciting transformations as our city continues to grow.

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