Heike Blakley

Heike Blakley

Before man could speak, they communicated with pictures, gestures and sound.

As time progresses; Technology, politics, race, gender, religion etc. has made authentic communication and feelings of collectiveness have become next to impossible.

With the use of, ” Alien like,” figures in a majority of my work. I hope to be able to effectively diminish the possibility of misinterpretation and increase the likelihood of getting  messages across through my work. 

aside from the fact that I have a slight obsession with Aliens;  I felt it could be an interesting way to showcase the feelings of alienating others while being Alienated ourselves.

Highly motivated creatively.  

  My commitment to being a life long learner has provided me the opportunities to gain understanding in various art forms and constructively implement them into my work. 

I truly believe, “In a reality where nothing is real, anything is possible. So I want to try everything.”